The Petta Residential & Commercial Construction process | Petta Construction

1. Inquiry

Every project has a vision. To begin your project with Petta Construction, please complete our online “Contact” form or call us directly. We look forward to working with you.

2. Site Visit

Petta Construction will schedule a site visit with you following your request. During the site visit we will inspect the project site and sit down with you to discuss your wants and needs for your project. We will also draw out a basic floor plan with measurements as well as talk about construction materials and finishes. This helps us begin the cost estimate.

3. Scope of Work/Cost Estimate

At the office Petta Construction will prepare an outlined scope of work and estimate for your project, as well as computer generated floor plan, with proposed partition walls for rooms (if any). Having a floor plan with measurements ensures that we can effectively provide accurate pricing based on linear and square footage.

4. Presentation of Design and Cost Estimate

Petta Construction will contact you once your cost estimate is complete. From there, we will schedule an appointment with you so we can present this to you in person. During this time, we will discuss the layout and budget for your project.

5. Decision

As the Owner, you are welcome to accept or decline the proposal.

6. Sign Contract & Provide Deposit

If you decide to have your project completed by Petta Construction, congratulations. We cannot wait to begin and exceed your expectations! Before construction can begin, a formal contract is to be signed and a deposit cheque is required.

7. Permit Application

Depending on the type of project a permit may be required. During this time, we will work with required parties to process the permit.

8. Begin Construction

Once the planning of your project is complete, construction can begin. Our project manager with constantly and consistently be in contact with you to keep you informed on the progress.

9. During Construction

During construction, regular site visits will be performed to ensure that the project is to scope and on schedule. We also meet with our skilled trade professionals on-site so they have a clear understanding of what exactly needs to be done.

10. Post-Construction Walk-through

Petta Construction will schedule a post-construction walk-through with you once construction is complete. This will give you an opportunity to review the results and discuss any details.